ASPION data loggers for transport monitoring

ASPION data loggers are your trusted companions for monitoring and securing valuable goods in global supply chain. The multiple award-winning data loggers for transport monitoring of shock and climate ensure transparency and security in your supply chain. Intelligent algorithms visualize shocks and impacts with meaningful details and show relevant changes in temperature and humidity – comprehensible and resilient. Our energy-optimized sensor solutions “Made in Germany” enable simple, safe and intelligent networking of procedures and processes for efficient organization along the logistics chain. Companies thus save valuable time and reduce costs.

ASPION G-Log shock sensors for detecting transport damage


The rugged and cost-effective ASPION G-Log shock data logger enables the recording of shock, impact and simple temperature data during the transport of sensitive goods. The IP65/67 waterproof version is suitable for use with unpackaged goods.


The advanced generation of shock data loggers logs not only shocks, but also temperature and humidity – for more transparency and safety in your supply chain! This is also available in a weatherproof version with IP65/67 for outdoor use.

Innovation and user friendliness “Made in Germany”

Our claim in the development of all applications is always the pronounced user-friendliness for our customers and users: Data logger, software, and apps are intuitively operable and convince by their high, flexible and individual adaptability to our industrial customers’ needs. Everything “Me in Germany”.


Records vibrations of up to ± 24 g on 3 axes and climate data-event and interval based.


Multi-purpose, durable and with replaceable battery for resource-saving use.


The best price/performance ratio with accuracy for fast damage clarification.


Extremely simple operation with indication of threshold values.

Made in Germany

Completely developed and manufactured in Germany.


Small, compact, lightweight and robust in ABS housing with IP 50.

First data logger for monitoring shock/vibration according to transport standard

The shock/vibration test according to the transport standard IEC 60721-3-2 is unique: The data logger compares shocks and vibrations against the selected standard and class. For the first time, this makes testing transport conditions as easy in practice as, for example, proving compliance with a cold chain!

This results in real added value for companies: for the first time, transport damage can be detected cost-effectively even without specialist expertise. For its innovative implementation, the ASPION G-Log 2 was awarded the Best of Industry Award 2022 as the winner in the sensor technology category.

Monitor Your Equipments of the Go

For transportation of Medical Equipment
For transportation of Medical Equipment
For transportation of Heavy and Bulky Goods
For transportation of Heavy and Bulky Goods
For the transportation of Wind mills
For the transportation of Wind mills
For the transportation of Switch Gears
For the transportation of Switch Gears